The Winners received a Full Scholarship - a J-1 Program in the USA worth $3850!


The Runner-ups received a Partial Scholarship - 50% discount of a J-1 Program in the USA!

This year's scholarship competition was a real success for us and we received over 40 videos from young professionals from all around the world. ITN and ODYSSEY decided to reward all the participants! Therefore, a $300 discount is awarded to all the participants who met the competition requirements.

Congratulations to everyone!

We hope that the prizes and discount will help you to develop professionally and to experience the USA!


It’s no secret that the unique image of Route 66, named also the Will Rogers Highway, the Main Street of America or the Mother Road, has been long permeated the American culture with an allure that perhaps no other landmark can match. While other landmarks as the Brooklyn Bridge and Hoover Dam illustrate as symbols of the engineering ability, they do not quite match with Route 66’s beacons of immediate freedom. The Route 66 was one of the original highways in the U.S. Highway System and was established in 1926.

Since its inception, driving down this route has been the experience of a lifetime for travelers, adventurers, dreamers and our exchange visitors! While officially Route 66 no longer exists, the majority of it remains to be driven and enjoyed through all eight states from Chicago to Los Angeles, There are plenty of historical places to be visited throughout the route and Route 66 persists as a symbol for journey, memories and experience in American culture and history. It was presented in different songs, movies or literature and adopted internationally.

Hundreds of exchange visitors decide to use our services to develop their hospitality skills, to experience their journey of a life-time, to create memories and experience their own Route 66. Therefore, it was an obvious choice for International Trainee Network to choose it for the theme for our Scholarship Competition!

It’s the time for you to DISCOVER your own ROUTE 66 with International Trainee Network!

The Winner will win a Free 12-Month J-1 Program worth $3850 in the USA!

What’s all about?

International Trainee Network and Odyssey International Exchange is partnering up with Hosco again in order to provide a unique chance for one hardworking and motivated young professional to win a free J-1 Training Program worth $3850. If you are an ambitious student who wants a chance to experience the excitement of the United States on a J-1 program, then click on the link below to find out more about ITN’s Scholarship Program Competition! Time and entries are limited so submit your entry as soon as possible!


How to enter in the competition?

  1. Participants will have to submit their resume on our Hosco competition post for review to determine if they meet the competition requirements and the requirements of the J-1 Program. In order to submit the resume, click on the button on the bottom of the page.

  2. If eligible and meeting the requirements, the participants will have to submit a minimum 1-minute long video.

    The video has to be filmed in a popular/cultural place from your city and you need to answer these questions:

    • Tell us more about your culture and why the place where you are filming the video is important.

    • Tell us what monument/place you want to experience/visit in the USA and why?


What are the competition eligibility requirements?

  • Must be a Hosco Member and follow the International Trainee Network page.

  • Must be a valid passport holder.

  • The candidate cannot have participated before in a J-1 internship/traineeship program.

  • The candidate cannot be registered for a program with ITN already.

  • Must meet the eligibility requirements for the J-1 Visa.

  • Participants must submit their resume to ITN by 1 March 2019, 12 P.M. PST.

  • Eligible candidates will submit their video to ITN by 15 March 2019, 12 P.M. PST.

What’s the prize?

The winner will win a Free J-1 All Inclusive Training Program in the USA with International Trainee Network and Odyssey International Exchange. This is a great opportunity which provides the winner with access to over 200 of ITN’s exclusive partner host properties across the United States of America. Opportunities are endless and we will help you to find the most suitable J-1 internship/traineeship training program in the USA for you!